Cutting/Striking And Cloning Kit

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All you need to create wonderful clones

The Cutting/Striking and Cloning Kit is an all-inclusive kit for both beginners and experienced growers alike.

It contains the items necessary to take cuttings and root them successfully.

Use the included Clonex Rooting Compound and Cellmax Rootbooster  to help your cuttings get the necessary nutrients they need for explosive root growth. In addition there is a 24 cube Clone tray for your cuttings, a sterilized scalpel, a pair of Leaf Kleen Pro Clippers and 20 plastic labels for plants, to ensure a successful cloning experience each and every time. Success will be fast and easy with this all-inclusive kit.

This Kit can be used for propagation as well as germination from seeds.

What is included in the Cutting/striking and Cloning Kit?

The kit includes:

  • 1x sterilized scalpel
  • 1x Leaf Kleen Pro Clippers
  • 20x plant labels
  • 1x Root Riot 24 cube Tray
  • 1x Cellmax Rootbooster (250ml)
  • 1x Clonex 50 ml


For a professional cutting result, set the cubes in a humid and protect environment such as a Mini Air propagator, to create an unbeatable environment, for root development resulting in faster and stronger root growth

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