Easy Kit 250W HPS + Sonlight MH 250W + Sonlight HPS 250W

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These light systems represent the best value grow light currently available.
With the outstanding CE and ENEC marked, there is no other light system available for this price that meets the same standards of quality and safety.
Using exactly the same grow lamps as every other light system we supply, these systems give you the same intense lumen output for a highly reduced cost!
There really is no cheaper way of getting this much valuable light to your plants.
2 Years limited warranty.

The \"Easy Kit 250W HPS + Sonlight MH 250W + Sonlight HPS 250W\" includes:

Ballast Control Gear EASY 250W HPS/MH

Quality Lighting Ballast - 3 Year Limited Warranty!High quality HID lighting Ballast 250W for HPS and MHlamps.

Grow Lamp 250W MH Sonlight - Growth

A 250W Sonlight Metal Halide HPS Lamp is a single-spectrum metal halide lamp with 19,000 lumens output. The lamp only produces light in the blue part of the spectrum for fast vegetative growth and short internodes. As no orange/red light is produced this lamp is not suitable for heavy flowering.

Grow Light - Sonlight HPS 250W - Bloom

Sonlight HPS 250W Gives You The Best Quality Of High Pressure Sodium Grow Lamps. This Grow Bulb With SLP Technology (Son Light Power) is Designed For Grow Rooms. The Best Choice For Blooming Stages.

LONG-GLOSS 50 V Reflector

Quality budget horizontal reflector will take all lamps up to 1000w inclusive. Due to its compact design and the profile can be placed close to plants when necessary. Compatible with most other ballasts presently available.

Schuko Plug + 2 Meters Cable

Schuko Plugwith 2 Meters Cable.

Reflector Cord 2 meters 1.5mmx3

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