GrowBox Electronic Light Kit With Sonlight Agro 250W

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Good Value Indoor Light Kit for Fast Grow and Great Blooming in small areas

Sonlight Electronic Ballasts and Grow Lamps are specially designed for the indoor cultivation lighting field and grow tents.

They guarantee maximum efficiency as all of the light given off belongs to a spectrum which is required by plants.

They have been created to accelerate the process of photosynthesis and deliver the outmost results. It  performs well against ballasts in higher price brackets.

This electronic indoor light kit is an AGRO, excellent for both vegetative and flowering stage, which includes all you need for indoor growing in your growbox. The electronic Sonlight ballast 250W is compatible with both Hps and MH Lamps.

It features over current protection as well as short circuit protection.

The \"GrowBox Electronic Light Kit with Sonlight Agro 250W\" includes:

Electronic Ballast Sonlight DIM 250w

Electronic Ballasts DIM Microprocessor SLP based with Super lumens and 3- Settins 150-250-250SL It enables you to run your lights at 150 or 250w during vegetative growth where your plants have no need for high light levels (saving you electricity) and then up the output to 400W Superlumens during flowering stage.

Grow Light AGRO 250W Sonlight - Growth & Bloom

Agro 250W Sonlight are specific lamps for the Growth and Bloom Stage. This Grow Bulb With SLP Technology (Son Light Power)is Designed For Grow Rooms. The Best Choice For Growth and Blooming Stages.

LONG-GLOSS 50 V Reflector

Quality budget horizontal reflector will take all lamps up to 1000w inclusive. Due to its compact design and the profile can be placed close to plants when necessary. Compatible with most other ballasts presently available.

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