SONLIGHT Dimmerable Digital Ballast 4D (Dimmer 250 / 400 / 600W / SL)

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Sonlight Digital Ballast 4D dimmerable is the last generation of ballasts available on the market, based with Super lumens and 3- Settings 250-400-600W. It enables you to run your lights at 250 or 400w during vegetative growth where your plants have no need for high light levels (saving you electricity) and then up the output to 600W Superlumens during flowering stage.
For HPS and MH lamps. 

Technical Features:

  • Can be used with Bulbs HID: HPS, AGRO, MH (250W, 400W, 600W)
  • Dimmer: 250-400-600-SL
  • Input: 240V - 50/60Hz
  • Imax: 3.7A
  • PF≥ 0.98
  • THD≤ 10%
  • CF≤ 1.7
  • Ta: -20°C → +35°C
  • Tc: ≤70°C
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS

Product Benefits

  • More lumens: up to 40% more lumens output than magnetic ballasts ...More light equals more yield. 
  • More lumens generated per watt of electricity consumed – Sonlight Electronic ballast have increased efficacy over magnetic ballasts. They lose fewer watts from the power supply to the lamp. This a power factor of 95%+. The high frequency output results in low power loss at the cathodes in addition to better overall power management.
  • Microprocessor SLP Based – because bulbs change specifics with use, Electronic Sonlight ballast has a built-in diagnostic and automatic repair or switch off. Sonlight microprocessor will evaluate the wear of the bulb granting maximum performance at any stage of the lamp life cycle. The Sonlight electronic ballast will always provide the right amount of energy according to bulb type and conditions with longer bulb replacement intervals.
  • Fast start-up - It reaches full brightness in under one minute; magnetic ballasts typically take about twenty minutes.
  • Completely silent – Less noise.
  • Faster warm-up and restrike times.
  • Over current protection, short circuit protection.
  • Longer bulb life - Lumen output loss over time, with the correct lamp, is dramatically less than with magnetic ballasts thanks to the SONLIGHT microprocessor device.
  • Powers MH and HPS Lamps.
  • Five year warranty – 3 year full 2 year prorated.


  • This product complies with RoHS regulations. 
  • This product is covered by CE regulations.


  • The Sonlight Digital ballast is a high performance product that is designed to work with most high quality lamps. Cheap inferior lamps may cause problems and we recommend only high quality Sonlight lamps.


  • Horticultural applications, plant irradiations.

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